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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I bring my child in?
All of our studies done at the Mind, Experience & Perception Lab (formerly Infant Vision Lab) have age restraints, so it’s a matter of if your child is the right age at the time of recruitment. Sometimes that means we may not call you for months! This is unfortunately the nature of baby research, and we thank you for your patience, support and enthusiasm.

How long does a visit take?
This depends on the exact study and your child’s age, but visits are typically about one hour. We will notify you during recruitment if the session will be longer than that.

Are there any risks to my child?
The biggest risk is that your child may get bored or fussy. All of our studies are observational and in just about every case you or another parent/guardian will be allowed to be in the same room with your child.

Will there be any compensation?
Yes! Compensation is typically based on the length and requirements of each study, but we will normally inform you of how much compensation will be during recruitment. Further, we include a small gift for your child.

Where do I park? Is it free?
Free parking is available to our participants. When you agree to participate in a study we will email you directions to our lab at UCSD which include directions to our reserved parking spots for research subjects in the lot closest to our lab. A representative from our lab will meet you at your appointment time at these spots to both give you a parking permit and to walk you and your child over to our lab.

Are any weekend appointments available?
If you need a weekend appointment, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Why should we participate?
By participating in our research, you and your children will be making a great contribution to understanding cognitive, visual and perceptual development throughout childhood!
By providing us with your information, you are are simply indicating your interest in being contacted if a study arises for your child’s age-group. You are under no obligation to participate, and will be removed from the participant pool upon your request, no questions asked.

I have other children, can they participate too?

Where did you get my child’s information?
We have approved protocols that allow us access to San Diego birth records for recruitment mailings only. We have approval from the following agencies to do this:
-The Committee of the Protection of Human Subjects, part of the California Health and Human Services Agency
-The Vital Statistics Advisory Committee, part of the California Department of Public Health
We destroy these records after a month has passed. Aside from the letter you received, you will not hear from us again.