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Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Study (Autism Study)

Participants Wanted for a Study on Sleep and Hormone Patterns in Infants With & Without a Family History of ASD
University of California, San Diego and the Naval Health Research Center

The purpose of this study is to track the early development of sleep and hormone changes in the first year of life in infants. We are looking for infants:

a) born into families with an older sibling with Autism

b) born into families with NO history of Autism

We are looking to enroll infants before 3 months of age, but we may be able to include your baby even if they are past the 3 month point.

What will happen if you decide to take part in this study?
You will be asked to make three separate visits to the Infant Vision Lab at University of California, San Diego in La Jolla when your baby is 3, 9 and 12 months of age. The first visit (at ~3 months old) will consist of a screening and consent with the study investigators. If determined eligible, you will be asked to complete a few questionnaires and provided instructions on how to collect sleep and hormone data in your own home. This will include keeping a sleep log for your baby as well as having your baby wear a wrist-watch like device on their leg for one week. In addition, you will be asked to collect saliva from your baby at five different time points on one day out of that week. The data collected by you in your home will then be retrieved by a Research Assistant for storage, processing and analysis. These same procedures will be completed when your infant is 9 and 12 months old.

$150 Compensation for completing the study ($50 for data collection at each of the three month intervals)

Contact the Project Coordinator
Liz Harrison, Ph.D.
Phone: (858) 375-6729